Modernization of the tram in Gdansk
June 19, 2018

Track duplication in the Muriendas-Santander section

Execution of the construction project for the duplication of track in the Muriedas-Santander section, and other improvement actions in the C-1 commuter line between Guarnizo and Muriedas.

Client: ADIF

Amount: 17.834.269,33 euro (VAT included)

Estimated completion date: November 2020


  • Works on platform, track and electrification, necessary for the implementation of a double track electrified, conventional width, on the stretch Muriedas-Santander.
  • Elimination of the existing level crossings, the adaptation of the stops of Nueva Montaña and Valdecilla, the modification of the grade of the line to comply with the established gauge, and the closure of the entire line.
  • Construction of a road in parallel.
  • Adequacy of the electrification where it is needed.
  • Installation of a new one in the necessary sections.
  • Adaptation of the existing substations in Sierrapando and Guarnizo to the new configuration of the line.