Construction of garages for the expansion of the urban electric train system in the metropolitan area of ​​Guadalajara
July 9, 2024

Construction of a section of the new plan of the Mediterranean Corridor

Construction project of the Mediterranean Corridor railway connection – Madrid-Barcelona-French border High-speed Line. Scope: Tarragona

Client: ADIF AV

Amount: 111,034,996.95 euros

Estimated completion date: 19 September 2018


The project section is included in the province of Tarragona, affecting the municipal areas of Vandellòs i L’Hospitalet de L’Infant, Mont-roig del Camp, Vinyols i els Arcs, Cambrils, Vila-seca, Reus, Constantí, Els Pallaresos, Perafort, El Morell, Villalonga del Camp, Alcover, and La Secuita. The total length of the section is 61,890 km. The geometric definition of the project includes: earthworks, factory works, upper and lower passages, transversal drainage works, replacement of road easements and affected services, the project of corrective measures for environmental impact, as well as the assembly of track. The surface of the occupied land is also defined, to initiate the process of expropriation. Therefore, in this project the road superstructure of the entire section is defined, as well as all the infrastructure operations necessary for its correct implementation and certain complementary works, which include:

  • Sub-ballast extension and channel placement
  • Conditioning of the existing platform of the Vandellós-Tarragona I sub-section.
  • Expansion of the platform at the L’Hospitalet de L’Infant station
  • Expansion of the platform in the P.A.E.T. of Mont-roig del Camp
  • Platform of the Iberian-gauge connection branch from the variable gauge system at the Central Station to connect with the Reus-Tarragona line, to allow access to Tarragona (earthworks, drainage, structures, track replacement, service replacement, environmental integration)
  • Expansions of service platforms in the tunnel mouths at Los Rojales and the start of a possible evacuation tunnel
  • New overpass on the Camino de Les Morts on the Iberian-gauge branch for access from the Central Station to Tarragona and Salou/Port Aventura
  • Variable gauge system
  • New routes
  • Noise barriers
  • Baffle screens on viaducts
  • Enclosure