Maintenance of High-speed lines: Madrid-Basque Country-French border and North-Northwest Corridor
July 9, 2024

Construction of garages for the expansion of the urban electric train system in the metropolitan area of ​​Guadalajara

Construction of workshops and garages for the expansion of the urban electric train system in the metropolitan area of Guadalajara, including the construction of workshops, garages, administrative and secretary buildings, manufacturing, supply of fixed installations and general equipment for each workshop, as well as supply of auxiliary road vehicles, parking areas, gardens, urbanization in general, commissioning.

Client: Secretary of communications and transport (SCT)

Amount: 599,229,187.38 Mexican pesos

Term: 2 years

Estimated completion date: 1 April 2018


  • The maintenance work of Line 3 trains is done in the workshop, as well as preventive and corrective maintenance without lift. It has glass-office areas and a dressing area. Constructed surface: 12,893.05 m2
  • The garages will have a capacity of 20 trains and internal cleaning tasks can be carried out by the footbridges in said building. Constructed surface: 11,723.80 m2
  • The section corresponding to roads and track cars will house the battery charge- and discharge-banks, ventilated storage for batteries, compressed air intakes, fixed and mobile chargers of batteries, as well as administration of track materials that are required for the operation of Line 3. Constructed surface: 1,648.32 m2
  • The warehouse will serve to safeguard large equipment and materials for later use in the maintenance of infrastructure and rolling stock. Constructed surface: 2,243.29 m2
  • In the waste and flammable materials area, each section is constructed as an open-plan space. Constructed surface: 43 m2
  • Signalling is comprised of the rectification substation that channels the electrical installation to the high-voltage substation, the area for signalling equipment, the warehouse, and communications room. Constructed surface: 54 m2