Superstructure of a shunting yard
July 9, 2024

Maintenance of High-speed lines: Zaragoza-French border

Maintenance of infrastructure, track, and trackside devices. Madrid-Zaragoza-Barcelona-French border High-speed Line. Scope: Montagut, Villafranca and Sant Feliú bases.

Client: ADIF AV

Amount: 52,685,814.44 euros

Term: 4 Years

Estimated completion date: 19 May 2018


  • Conservation of the geometric quality of the track
  • Conservation of the geometric quality and the state of the track devices
  • Surveillance and guarantee of the correct operation of the elements of the track superstructure
  • Maintenance of longitudinal and transversal drainage systems while in full operational status
  • Maintenance of line enclosures and fencing, including their anti-vandal security doors
  • Execution of the immediate corrective actions necessary in the event of an incident
  • Establishment of surveillance and preventive or corrective measures in case of storm alerts or other warnings
  • Provision of relief to trains with incidents and, especially, assistance to passenger trains that have suffered loss of tension or traction
  • Prevention against incidents
  • Performance of rabbit culling activities
  • Control of material stocks that are property of ADIF, intended for use as spare parts in tracks and track devices, which are located in the maintenance bases
  • Waste management
  • Maintenance of the track, track devices, and buildings located in the maintenance bases, including all the equipment