What we specialize in at Coalvi

Our experience and technical level has allowed us to specialize in...

High-speed sections

Coalvi's high technical level also allows it to build sections for the high-speed lines that make up the tracks designed throughout Spain in order to expand and renew the railway network.


With the philosophy of providing a complete service to the customer, the company has several pieces of catenary assembly equipment. Important works have been executed in stations, conventional lines, and high-speed lines.

Trams and light rails

Another of Coalvi's specialties is the construction of superstructures for the metropolitan transport and tram networks that are being promoted by different local and regional administrations.

Laying track

Coalvi is highly specialized in the assembly, renovation, conservation, and maintenance of railway tracks of any width, including high-speed. This implies a permanent renewal of its assets, both machinery and personnel, which allow it to execute the construction of platforms and assembly of new tracks.


As a logical evolution of its core business, Coalvi is able to take on projects related to the construction and remodelling of train stations or garages for Metro lines. This specialty of railway work also refers to the job of embankments and cuttings, repairs of bridges, and construction of infrastructure complementary to the track, such as bridges, sections at different levels, coatings and new wall coverings in tunnels, etc.


Coalvi is highly specialized in rail maintenance, both conventional and high speed, key activity for the adequate conservation of lines, as well as the correct circulation of trains; works such as renovation and rehabilitation of track, treatment of track devices and level changes, profile and neutralization of track, welding, and replacement of switches, sleepers, fasteners, etc.